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by Ryan Job Babiera -
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Flexible Customization Options:
Thinkfast is very customizable and highly flexible.

Mobile: Thinkfast is device-agnostic. Its interface is customized to be responsive to different mobile platforms and devices.

Live Engagement: Thinkfast has a built-in chat functionality. There are also add-ins for most of the major synchronous learning tools, including Blackboard Collaborate & Ultra, Big Blue Button and Zoom.

Assessments: Assessments via Thinkfast can be very rich, automated, and customized.

Content Repository: Thinkfast’s repositories allow users to upload files to a course from a variety of outside file repositories, including Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive, and traditional computer upload. Instructors can also search for files from any of their courses hosted on the same Thinkfast server.

Accessibility: Thinkfast’s goal is to be fully accessible and usable for all users regardless of ability. Instructors are individually responsible for ensuring that their content is accessible, such as PDFs and other documents.

Analytics: Thinkfast has a wide variety of reports and logs that allow instructors to track student progress and successes. These are generated at the course level, and instructors will need the training to use them well.

Tools Variety: Thinkfast has a wide variety of tools available that can be turned on or off at the system level, such as gamification and publisher integration.

Extensive Course Management: Depending on your site level options, instructors can highly customize their course setup and management. Instructors can use Thinkfast as a simple file repository.